National Day Ya'll!

Continuing yesterday's dove story, this image should throw some light on how exactly they brought the birds to the venue. In 2 giant cargo contianers, on board trucks. I'd imagine the birds went through a terrifying ordeal, with so many of them crammed into so little space for god knows how long. Which is most likely why majority of the birds had to be forced out of captivity,  after the doors were opened. Ironically, many of them flew out of these containers, only to land into the hands of those who were contemplating how to cook them while looking to catch a few. Some even came prepared, with large black garbage bags. Watching people run after the birds in this manner kinda killed the whole thing for us. Like a broken bird cage in a room full of hungry cats. And so, maybe we broke another record that day - that of the largest bird massacre for consumption by civilians. In memorium of the thousands that involuntarily found its way into our food chain, Happy National Day!