History Framed

I don't know the name of this restaurant in Kandy - Srilanka where this is from. The food wasn't memorable and the ambiance wasn't exactly great. In fact, if it weren't for photographs, i wouldn't remember much of this place. The acrylic display cabinet seen here had lobsters that were hand painted in vibrant shades, and the wall had old photos of Ceylon and its people (fishing, tea estate workers) done up on canvases. B&w pics seem to look good on yellow/ orange/ red walls. There is one thing i remember though - a nosy Arab couple on the next table. They kept staring at us. They looked like they could've been on a honeymoon - a very young couple. Talked loudly in an almost - unmistakeable Kuwaiti accent. Wasn't sure why they ordered 2 steaks on a warm afternoon when touring, but they did pretty much leave one plate untouched as they left a few minutes after their food arrived. Weird. I'm seen this happen before for sure.