Beach Hunt

Turns out, not all beaches are worthwhile (who would've thought!). Late night decisions on Thursdays always mean an exhausting Friday. And this time, it read 'wake your ass up for the beach at 5'. And so we land on a beach soon afterwards, one we've been to before. Only this time, its strewn with garbage. I used to think the local bloggers were trying to make isolated cases into an issue, but this is much bigger than i thought. People just love trashing the place (ironically, both literally and verbally). After about 2 minutes of cursing, feeling sorry for the sanitary workers and taking this picture, we rode the gulf road looking for an alternative beach (yes, we are horrible people). About 25 mins and 4 similar (if not worse) beaches later, we finally hit the spot. And it was all good thereafter. I ain't telling no-one where it was, coz i fear of word getting out and this one getting ruined. Not from this post being read by so many (hahaha!), but more likely from people actually searching for a good beach. Yes, it IS that bad. So next time you're on the beach (or anywhere for that matter), pick up the shit you decide to leave behind.

(I wasn't the only one that was exhausted. My pc decided to slow down, along with most of my images. And now that it's back in shape, this one's for the 28th of April '12)