When my marriage was a day old, we went on a backwater cruise in Allepey, Kerala. Allepey, a.k.a Allapuzha lies alongside Kerala's backwaters, a network of lakes, rivers and similar water inlets that run almost half the length of the state. You'd find houseboats to be among the more popular touristic attractions in these areas - the kinds that come loaded like a luxury boat of sorts, but sporting a traditional design. These backwaters are very much an integral part of peoples lives out there - who depend on it for fishing, transportation, business (tiny shops on boats!) and in some cases - water source (i saw a whole lot of people washing everything from clothes, cattle and in one case - a truck). This one's among the smaller boats that passed us. They didn't have much fish on though, and they certainly didn't look happy (bad day to fish?!).    

(update - Mar '14).
There's a beautiful set of images that are doing the rounds, showcasing the incredible destination that the backwaters are. I for one have never seen this place from this angle before - literally a new perspective (pun intended).  I've been meaning to go back and experience it in all its glory, specially after seeing the backwaters highlighted in recent Malayalam language movies, but after these images, its only a matter of time.

Waterworld? I'm thinking more like what-a -world! It's like they have their own islands, and check out that awesome church in the last photo! The term God's own country just made a little more sense right there.