In God's own country it is

You see the series of structures in the background? Awesome resort overlooking the beach, right? A long time ago, i used to receive a lot of forwarded emails (you know, the attachment kinds). Thankfully, that ain't happening anymore. So this one time, i get an email with the subject "Can you believe this is in Yemen?" And it turns out, it has images of the resort you see in here. Got another one shortly afterwards asking if i could believe it was in Lebanon. And another one about Egypt. I had to put an end to it. So i called the people who sent me those emails, showed them this picture and assured them that neither Andy nor I had been to any of those countries (so far). To set the record straight, this is The Leela Hotel in Kovalam, Kerala. Beautiful piece of architecture. You should definitely check it out. And once you do, don't bother sending an email with the subject "Can you believe this is in Kerala?", coz yes - it is very believable.   

(for the 30th of April '12)