The shape of things that were

When i was a kid, i used to draw a lot. Wasn't good at it, but at least i liked the process of creating something. I've drawn a fair share of cars, you know - the side profile line diagram kinds. I'd then take them up a notch, evolving them into monster trucks with gravity defying suspension, flame decals (the 80s?) and awesome artillery (GE miniguns and lazers!). One thing i realized as i was looking at this car last week, was that this was the shape i always started off with - the late 80s Chevy Impala. Was that just me though? Maybe it had something to do with being born in the 80s? Ironically enough, our first car back then was a late 80s Impala, and then a couple of years later, the 90s Caprice Classic - both of which shared this outline. Forever in love with golden oldies. The car from my memories with a posterise-effect, spotted in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.