Mint & Lime

I don't make food. Not that I've tried, but its just not in my interest. Recently, in a rare spark of wanting to use the kitchen for more than putting together the occasional cereal, i decided to make something - a juice. So mint and lime it is. Made a whole lot of it. I don't know how things measure out, so when I'm making for 2, its more like I'm making for 12. And that's what happened. Also, because i refused to make it to Andy's preference, which she duly informed me from time to time during the process, it wound up being to my liking, and my liking alone - Bitter. Shared it with visiting friends, and they haven't called since. Ah well, more for me! They kept saying it was missing something. And upon seeing this pic from our last trip to Trichy, i realized what was the crucial ingredient missing to make my mint & lime more socially acceptable. Vodka. 

(for the 29th of June '12)