A year of posts

Finally, the ever evading post # 365. Although it has been over a year since i started posting, today would be that one post that completes a 365. And i chose this image to do so, coz I've loved this for a long time and personally considered this to be something I'd like to do more often - beauty in the everyday mundane. Looking back on why i began this in the first place, I'm feeling i haven't gotten to a point where I'm 'happy', in terms of how often i take pictures, the quality and most importantly, my viewpoint on the world. I've started taking my camera around more often - and more than ever before, I return without taking any images. Almost like I've got a better filter to what not to take (which seems to be a lot). Looking back at all the posts, most of the ones i loved were originally not the same way in my head, as they finally turned out in here. More like the aftermath of experimental tweaking, cropping and the many things you get to do through picnik (R.I.P) and now - picmonkey. So here's to another year of better composition, a sharper eye on everything around, better writing skills and maybe even a steadier hand!

(for the 16th of July '12)