A Grand Affair

From the many birthday parties I've attended, the realization that I'd be terrible at being the 'ideal host' as defined by the norm, suddenly hit me while at the above party. Vipin and Princy were celebrating Andrew's first birthday, and they had quite a setting. It was nothing short of grand, right from the interiors of the venue, to the way people presented themselves and even the overall program itinerary. When I'm thinking of 'The Brief : My Kid's 1st Birthday', I'm thinking a small personalized space with only the closest of friends that have made time to be a part of my kid's life, one of those detail oriented evenings with quirky settings on a terrace or a garden - you get the picture. I haven't honestly given it too much thought, but that night was very much an eye opener. And if any of my friend's are going to expect something that seems to be within the norm, they're going to be disappointed.