Clean-Up Crew

Do you think there could be people who genuinely want to work the sewers? I don't mean those that find no other way to earn a living, but more around people who want to make a change at the most basic level, that they decide to clean up the streets? I really wouldn't know - although it feels good to think such acts of kindness exist. I'd say that's not an easy mindset to reach. I'd say that's not an easy motto to live by. I'd say those are the real people who want to make a change. I know i couldn't do it, and that on its own is good enough for me to respect them. These invisible people who come and leave having done their part or deed - as i'd like to call it, are often ignored and taken for granted. I am both relieved and happy to think there are people that are out there keeping the streets clean. Thank you for the change that you are. Thank you for your deeds. Puthur, Trichy - TN.