There's a new gal in town

Easily the biggest development in my life so far, has to be the little person we got to make. Maya was born in the 5th month of last year, riding into our lives and our hearts - changing it forever. Nothing could have prepared us for being parents, and anything anyone has ever said about Parenthood just doesn't make sense till the moment arrives. I got the opportunity to witness her birth, and even cut the umbilical chord - both bring experiences I'd recommend you do not miss. Today, she sits up, crawls everywhere and even tries standing up with support. My insecurities of ever being a good role model to my own still hold strong and steadily grow as she does. Only time will tell what becomes of it - if there was any real truth to it. I am yet to fully fathom the inevitable responsibilities of being a parent, and can only hope I can do at least half as good a job as the folks did with our upbringing.