To read is to live a thousand lives

Only those who read, know the true feeling of being transported into different worlds, living the lives of so many different characters in those worlds. Are you a Print-books person or an eBooks person? As much as i would love looking at enriched colours and interactive images on a screen, there's just something about flipping a page and the texture of paper against your fingertips. My reading habits have drastically evolved over the last decade, from novels and text books (meh) to what has now become blogs and coffee table books. I consider myself a late-bloom bookwork, so to speak, having found the joy of reading much later into my teens or even early 20s. There's something else that has changed too - I have come to love book covers more than the actual books itself. If your book could risk being judged by its cover, shouldn't cover art be given as much importance and thought, if not more? From the bookstore at the Airport Terminal, Dubai - UAE.