White vs Blue Stare-down

You can tell them IT professionals from the ordinary folks. They carry around those large almost-certainly-branded-with-an-IT-giant's-logo travel bags (no prizes for guessing they're carrying a laptop in there). While trying to take pictures as i wait for my brother at the Ernakulam Railway Station, I see these two guys that were staring at those folks indulged in heavy labour down at the tracks and making remarks. Almost as though they were looking down on them. And then one of the dudes from the track looks right back at them. There's something of a stare-off that goes down for a few seconds, and our IT guys turn and walk. And the tracks guy looks at me and smiles, almost like he knew i was on his side. In the battle between the Blue Collars and the White Collars, it is the true load- carrying folks that win. Kerala - India.