Breakfast with the Gods

The effect that Hindu Deity Murals have on the interiors of this otherwise regular restaurant, is quite evident. We've always liked this style of art, and were even considering buying a piece for our place here in Kuwait. You'd imagine such a beautiful art form would be widely accessible. Not really. Hand-painted mural art is now a dying art, and most applications require the designs to be digital - like the stickers on this restaurant's windows. We just happen to stop here for breakfast on our way to Ettumanoor, and was surprised by a really good breakfast, thanks solely to the 'Fish Molee' dish (a fish and coconut based curry). Even Maya got her refill, although she pretty much slept through the entire 2 hour drive. Somewhere near Kottayam, Kerala.

(If you're into similar art, you've gotta check out the amazing hand painted murals of Sreeraj VP. His facebook page has photographs of his incredibly detailed work. Very inspiring!)