This is where i remember being a child.

This building holds my most fondest of childhood memories. If i remember right, we moved here around 1984, just in time for us to join the new Indian School that started about 100 mtrs away from here. Come 1990 and the Gulf War had us leave the country and return to stay in a building right next to the school, within view of here. Imagine a scenario where everyone knew everyone else in the building, and that too pretty close. 24 years later and i still am in touch with many i met here. The building has taken a serious beating since; pretty much all the 'play areas' are now closed off, the elevator doesn't work and the building has only bachelors now - all signs pointing to it being on the verge of being torn down. But for the sake of standing there and staring at a building that gives me bittersweet memories and goosebumps at the same time, i hope they decide to keep it standing. Mangaf, Kuwait.