Bridge into the Bling

I'd imagine a tiny version of me, walking along this narrow bridge, set high above an icy cold monster-infested body of water below, into what was an uncertain void of light blimps. The pattern on the bridge surface intrigued me even further, wondering what stood there previously, or if there was a higher purpose to those stubs that stood facing away from each other. Were those spots trails left by cautious wanderers, or what remains of those who weren't as lucky? What lies beyond the tip of this bridge? As my mind crosses through more questions into the mystical realm that this bridge would take me to, i get up from the premise of my story; staring into the trees from the base of a tapioca plant - and continue dreaming. Notice the heart shaped bokeh in the yonder? An excerpt from 'Tales from the backyard', a series available only in my head. Cheppad, Kerala.