Glass Torches

We won an award! I'm with Marketing Communications and Public Relations for the country's largest Internet and Data Communications Provider. An inherent effect of me doing my work right, is that people think of us when they want the kind of services we render. And this award established just that - we won the best brand in that category of services. When you're on the top, its a constant battle to stay there and the competition gets fierce. Its a good feeling to be acknowledged for work done well, coz it also means we're doing it right. I was looking at how the trophies reflected the lights from the ballroom where the awards ceremony was held, and at an specific angle, it felt like these trophies held a shard of light within them.To be able to capture light and fill up a space, like air or water - that should be interesting.I'd love that - a beacon of light, so to speak. T'was a good day ya'll.