Stuck Ashore

Did you have domestic help as you grew up? Not the sitters or the part time cleaning crew or even the expert cook; I'm referring to what is popularly referred to around these parts as the Live-in maid. Wasn't the term maid considered offensive? Kuwait and probably the region has seen more live-in staff than maybe anywhere else on earth. They look after the child like their own, making up for any kids they may have had to leave behind in their motherland. I'd rather think of them as caregivers. They come in the hundreds every month, from a handful of nations across the globe, almost always poverty stricken. Sadly, a lot of people don't give them even the most basic of considerations, that of being a human being, and treat them as slaves, with their freedom tied to their sponsor's beck and call. Ironically, that's exactly what they stand for - Freedom. Those who have employed their services, are no longer tied down by the duties of being an always-around parent. They get to be a parent, without really having to go through it in any way they consider inconvenient. The well-being of their child then gets taken for granted, since "she's being looked after". Sad but True. I'm happy to say, everyone we personally know try to make their caregivers feel like part of the family. Jeremiah's caregiver looks over him as all of us hit the sea. Egeila, Kuwait.