Ka10 Feast

The management at SCMS (where both Andy n me graduated from) threw a mean lunch on the house, at our Ka10 Chai a.k.a 10 year reunion meet last December. A traditional spread of indian food served on a plantain leaf (even the plates are eco friendly!) is something we call 'Oonu' in the Malayalam language. And the venue could not have been any more special - one that we all yearned to get into back in the day - the ladies hostel. There's just something about meeting people after so long. To think, we're equipped to be closer to people than ever before in the history of mankind and yet, i don't feel as close to people as i used to be back in the 80s or 90s. Maybe that's just me. Ka10 was an epic gathering, and it was sad that Andy couldn't make it. Kalamassery, Kerala.