Maya turned one last Friday. Just like that. She's grown to be what I'd like to classify as a happy child. She smiles a lot, and is almost always pleasant. So far, only Nibu has made it onto her list of scary people (we still don't know why) and the girl seems to accommodate any kind of food.  As Maya turned one, i realized its been exactly that long since i took up responsibilities of being a father. That's still a scary thought, specially for when she's older and can think for herself. It hasn't been as bad as i thought, but then again this can only get harder. For now, she's still the little human i can carry around. I wish her unconditional love, inner beauty, the ability to stay calm amongst madness and the gift of unbiased thought. To borrow words from the late damsel of high pitch notes," I will always love you". Salmiya, Kuwait