Out with the office

Not with the Micheal Scott - Dunder Mifflin Office sadly. Was part of the crew that arranged the staff night for where i work. Not surprisingly, i was mostly walking around with a camera, coz that's always better than having to listen to speeches and the long line of people waiting for certificates. An annual event of sorts, the Holiday Inn played host to the staff night this year, where we turned out to have what was apparently a record crowd. This happens every time there's some kinda announcement that everyone's expecting, which could douse rumors and unexplained moves at the office. That's the CEO right there on stage, talking about internal restructuring and the changes to come, on account of a recent buyout by one of the shareholders. Turned out to be just another evening with a nice spread of oriental dishes. And also our first official gathering that was a selfie fest. I liked how those chandeliers made those engraving-like lines all around it. Sharq, Kuwait.