Period Party

Last vacation in India threw up a lot of photo opportunities, like the last post n meeting my peeps and many others I've been posting. Today's is from the same trip, but perhaps the most oddest of them all. While stopping for breakfast at one of the popular vegetarian restaurants near the main bus terminal in Trichy, we came across this giant sign. It is customary for weddings, anniversary or even some upmarket birthday parties to have their names plastered outside for the public to see, or even for the guests to know they're at the right place. The sign however, was for a 'girl coming of age', or what i'd like to call Period party. I kid you not. I've heard of people doing this in smaller scales at home with close relatives & friends, but this for me had to be the peak. I don't fully understand why they're celebrating this, and I'm pretty sure any explanation would defy logic. Nevertheless, I'm filing this under the 'everyday bizarre' events of Tamil Nadu.