Movies & the Anti-christ

"You love Horror Movies? Clearly you must be a Devil Worshiper. Or atleast an Atheist?" I've been asked this a few times, mostly from ignorant people or well, those who don't really think it through. Its silly to associate one's choice of movies or tastes to religious beliefs, and its probably not a good idea to assume out loud that they're a Devil Worshiper. I'd consider myself more of a spiritual person than a religious one. My worn-out Rosary has stood the test of time (bought this ring from the famous Parumala Church in Kerala, circa 2008). Wearing it as i type this in. As for my interest in Horror Movies, I've always felt that the act of frightening someone, very much like making them laugh, is an art-form on its own. To do it right - realistically frightening - takes some serious skill. And besides, movies are just make-belief. You know what i find scarier? Real life.