Thrift Street Fashion

If you walk down the streets of any major city or town in India, you'll find roadside hawkers selling everything from 'designer' handbags to 'first copy' watches and shoes with alligator prints (i saw Jordons!). And given how these options keep increasing every time I've walked through Main Guard, its pretty obvious that there are buyers, and demand is only rising. I got a closer look at what these were like, and I'd have to say; someone with a mellow if not good taste and an eye for detail, could actually walk through those streets and come out looking like they shopped at a major fashion retailer. The choices are interesting, the prices are unbelievable and they don't have nosy salespeople bugging you. If you're in the mood to experiment, head out and see what you can pick up out there on the streets. Heck, Macklemore's 'Thrist shop' got me thinking further about why everyone's running after 'perceived quality' or brands. Then again, i already know why - I'm in advertising. A Bag vendor on Main Guard Street, Trichy shows off his top-of-the-line designs in the latest handbags.