We walk in the Shadows

Officials in Kuwait have been on a hunt for illegals of every kind within the country. Sounds like a basic function of law enforcement? Not exactly. When a strong and sudden offensive arises nationwide without considering its repercussions, a wide wave of panic ensues. Mostly due to those within the system that took advantage of their positions and were hell-bent on making everyone's lives hard. Even when you should have nothing to be afraid of as a legal resident who does nothing unlawful, it still has become a rather unpleasant experience to be outside - especially if you're walking or taking the bus. In this country, commuting by the bus system automatically means you cant afford to buy a car, don't have a worthwhile job and can't afford what is generally conceived to be a 'good life' - in short, you'd be looked down upon. And those are the people at the receiving end of all kinds of injustice. People argue that crime is now at a much lower rate than before, and the streets are less crowded from illegal cabs. Not true at all. If at all, crime rates seem to have peaked. I heard someone joke about choosing to spend their time at home than at a mall with a risk of being stabbed! A shortage of Illegal cabs just lead to a hike in cab fares. And as absurd as this sounds, live-in help a.k.a full-time maids are now the most sought after people in the country. Deportation of many lead to a fall in supply, causing a rise in demand (basic economics lesson ya'll). If there's a bigger picture to all of this that is supposed to help the country, i just don't see it. You know somewhere else that just got busy from all this? The Public Authority for Civil Information  - one of the many places you'll need to go to get all your paperwork sorted out. I've been in and out of the place a couple of times through the last year. Never was one for paperwork.