Transit Points

I'm not really big on religion, neither in knowledge nor preferences; something i personally think has helped me look at the whole system from a different perspective. I mean seriously, does God who is both omnipotent and omnipresent really need so many shrines, places of worship, middle-men or even us having to visit a specific place to reach out?  If all of this were to disappear one morning, would you still not be able to talk to your God? I've been fortunate enough to visit some absolutely beautiful temples in and around Trichy. The level of detail in these ancient and elaborate structures make we wonder if the world would be a better place had they taken the same interest in matters closer to our everyday lives. Like eradicating poverty, distributing medication for free, access to basic needs and the opportunity for all to work for a living.  Ofcourse it's possible. All you have to do Mr. person in power, is believe. It is ironic that India has statues and shrines worth millions all around the country and yet, there are so many dying everyday from hunger and sickness. Maybe its time we rearranged our priorities, put religion behind everything else and just know that God is around without having to offer your weight in fruits at your place of worship. Here's to a truly incredible India, so close yet so far.