Planted on the beach

You know that one picture you'd pull up, that sums up everything you'd want to remember about going somewhere or meeting someone? This here does that for when we took Maya to the beach for the first time. Well, technically she's been to the seaside before, a number of occasions, but this would be her first time on a beach. And she didn't find it amusing, much to our surprise. The tiny waves or maybe just the sea up close wasn't her thing. Ironic, considering how she loves playing with water otherwise. She refused to be put down onto the sand near the water, and when we finally did, she just screamed and leaned up close onto Andy, hugging her by the legs. Maybe its just too early for her. She did love playing with sand though. So much that she sprinkled a handful onto her head, poked around her face with those hands and yes, thought it might taste good too. An unplanned beach visit also meant dirty jeans, soiled footwear and sand in the car like i've never seen. T'was a good day with my gals.